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Vino Vault Wine Cryptex (wine not included)
Do you remember the fun and adventure of a treasure hunt when you were young? The Rubik’s Cube puzzle was challenging…..but no reward after all that work! We’ve got something new and unique for you and your wine enthusiast friend. Are you game?  

Vino Vault™ wine cryptex, brain teaser/puzzle is the latest adult gift and party game. The seed of inspiration for this wine game literally came one evening while sitting in a chair, reading the "The Da Vinci Code" and drinking a glass of Shiraz.  If you’ve read Dan Brown’s novel, or have seen the movie staring Tom Hanks, you might recall that the cryptex was a combination locking cylinder that held a secret scroll and a vial of vinegar. Any attempt to break into the cryptex would result in the release of the vinegar and destruction of the secret held inside. So why not

Given along with your bottle of fine wine, Vino Vault cryptex puzzle provides something totally unique and fun - an adventure as you create your own custom treasure hunt game. It could be considered a wine vault or wine lock. The set up of your personal five letter combination word is fairly simple and the online video assembly instructions make it that much easier - for those not mechanically inclined or who hate having to read instructions. Taunt your "friends" however long you like - an evening, a month, a year. Cruel, yes, but fun too. Deliver clues in any number of creative ways. They won't get your wine until they can bust the cryptex code. This wine cryptex fits many standard 750 ml bottles. Included with the easy to read instructions is a bottle size template that will help you select a bottle that will fit. Not that you can't think of a five letter word on your own, but we have a code bank to help stimulate ideas. A vintage reward is delivered to the recipient once solved. The cryptex combinations can be repeatedly set, and the brain teaser puzzle "re-gifted", however, they just might just want to hang onto it especially if you include the game set. In addition to it being a great gift, Vino Vault wine cryptex is the center piece to an adult wine tasting party game too.

Us big kids need our fun and games! For a limited time only, purchase of the Vino Vault™ cryptex brain teaser puzzle
Includes the wine tastng party game set "
Spin The Bottle™" free!
You can include some entertainment along with great food and wine at your next dinner party or event. Guests will a bring a food pairing to match their two identical bottles of wine -one for tasting and other to be traded in a trivia based game that is played around a table -similar to Trivial Pursuit or Clue. Bottle labels could be visible or covered for a blind tasting. It's a white elephant wine exchange. Everyone will have fun, eating, tasting wine and playing a game with the opportunity to win and take home their favorite choice wine of the evening. Other game variations are possible.



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